Architects & Interior Designers Consultants

A compelling piece of art delights the eye, ignites the spirit, and works with surrounding elements to tie together and enhance its space – whether a page, a room, a garden, or a city block. Color, form, and light mutually relate, creating something new, and better.

Whether it’s for large or small firms, for hotels or restaurants, offices, agencies, or medical practices, our service supports companies who want to give the premises more character and use art to bolster success.

In addition to consulting – artistic guidance from a curator – we also offer a full-package service that includes everything from creating a concept to selecting images to arrange their delivery and hanging.

Our ability to source work from artists worldwide is the foundation of our consultative services—we aren’t limited to the art in our gallery. We search throughout the world in order to meet your needs. Our consultants can work with you to devise an acquisition plan to achieve the look and feel you desire.

We will help you find the perfect art for your project.