Guillermina Grinbaum

In my work, I explore the area of human sensitivity, the world of inner feelings, and the array of current social issues. I intend to give visibility to these topics that concern and move me.  I mainly establish a dialogue with our intriguing reality from the perspective of the feminine universe, the most natural and inquiring for me. In this vein, my work is about the body and its limits, more precisely,  the issue of gender violence against women in its many facets. Through my work, I fight for a better world. 

I approach these themes from the perspective of contemporary art; sometimes in figurative series and others more abstract. I am interested in space, volumes, planes, and textures; also, in experimenting with materials and the interaction with the work. My purpose is to work with an active audience integrating the viewer to the work and allowing their presence and doings to complement or modify the work. 

Sometimes I work with the phenomenon of surprise and sometimes with the necessity to get to the work as close as possible. Sometimes the work is about discovering something that lies beyond what can be seen at first sight. Occasionally, my work arises questions or curiosity, but it always demands the viewer to stop for a moment in front of the piece, and once the connection is established, a dialogue opens to facilitate various interpretations of the work. 

Even when I deal with complex topics, my purpose is to approach them with a simple language incorporating playfulness and humor, deploying vibrant colors from the esthetics of comics and pop art. Thus, what could be painful or otherwise unbearable doesn’t provoke rejection, but instead, generates a kind of proximity that sensitizes and informs the viewer to deal with those issues.

Art Book Fair.

In 2018 I was part of the Eternity installation by Maurizio Cattelan in Art Basel with my work Whatever You Are.

In 2017 I was awarded by Espacio Memoria in 40 Years of Living Memory.

My work is part of private collections in Germany, Spain, the United States, Israel, and England.