Guillermina Grinbaum


I want my work to be made visible themes of the current world that concerns and move me.

One of the ways that I choose to dialogue with that reality that worries me, is by approaching the feminine universe, which is what most naturally crosses and questions me. My work investigates the body and its limits. Within this line, I work on the problem of violence against women in its many facets, from what is clearly seen to the unseen, from physical to emotional, the aesthetic demands, sexual repression or submission, and social mandates.

I feel that I somehow militate for a better world through my works.


Conceptually I present these themes using contemporary art, or sometimes in figurative series and others more abstract.

I am interested in working with the spaces, volumes, forms​,​ and textures, investigating and experimenting with the materials, the effect of interaction with the work, making the spectator part of the work, their actions and presence complete or modify the work, I want the audience to interact with my art.

Sometimes I work on surprises, sometimes on the need to achieve as much physical closeness as possible, sometimes it is about discovering something that is beyond what is seen in the first instance, sometimes it raises questions or curiosity; and in general, in any of the cases, it demands the viewer to stop for a moment in front of the work, and once that connection is achieved, the way for dialogue and the appearance of various readings and interpretations of the work the communication is opened.

Even when sometimes I work with dense themes, I intend to approach them with simple language, incorporating playfulness, humor, vibrant colors, sometimes relying on the aesthetics of comics and pop art, so that what is painful or what another way could be unbearable, do not generate rejection and thus facilitate the approach, sensitize, inform and convey the possibility of operating on it. 


I graduated in Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires. I studied ceramic sculpture with the masters Juan Carlos Ruiz Molina and Alejandro Ríos, choreographic composition with Ricky Pashkus, and attended the art workshops and work analysis of Carolina Antoniadis, Juan Astica, Gabriel Baggio and Fabiana Barreda.

My individual exhibitions focused on the female theme were Hell and Silence (the Legislature of Buenos Aires, 2019) where I address human trafficking and was Declared of Cultural Interest by the Legislature, Subtle, and not so much (Museo Evita, 2015) focused on the multifaceted violence against women and “La Hora de la Mujer” (Museo Evita, 2012), a series of portraits that highlight the role of women.

I participated in group shows at the Rojas Cultural Center, the Fortabat Museum, the Palais de Glace, the Museum of Fine Arts of Salta, the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires, the Evita Museum, the Museum of Emerging Artists, the Memory Space, the Museum of Popular Art José Hernandez, in the National Hall of Ceramic Art and the Hall of the Argentine Center of Ceramic Art, and in various fairs and art galleries and cultural centers.

In 2019 I was selected to exhibit my works Ellas, Yo, Todos, and Infierno y Silencio at the MoMA Ps1 (Museum of Modern Art) in New York during the NY 

Art Book Fair.

In 2018 I was part of the Eternity installation by Maurizio Cattelan in Art Basel with my work Whatever You Are.

In 2017 I was awarded by Espacio Memoria in 40 Years of Living Memory.

My work is part of private collections in Germany, Spain, the United States, Israel, and England.