Mercedes Lasarte

Born in Argentina. During the seventies she moves to Boston (USA) and relocates definitely in Los Angeles (California), where she attends to UCLA and Otis Parson’s Art School. She continues her studies in fine arts by studying deeply the technique of the French Impressionists and the Germans expressionists. Gauguin and Matisse will be her favorite painters and they will make a definite influence in the development of her pictoric technique.

The application of color over huge monochromatic, well differenced surfaces is witness of this favorable inherence. This technique, “cloisonnisme”, was adopted by some of Gauguin’s followers during the XIX century.

Mercedes Lasarte’s colors transmit a state of wellbeing and happiness. The green and the blues mix the yellows in and harmonic symphony of color, creating an hypnotic image, a unique experience, an unexplainable wish; Mercedes Lasarte’s mayor font of inspiration.