Circles and Cadences in the Dance of the Spirits by Andrés Barragán

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Artist: Ándres Barragán

Title: Circles and Cadences in the Dance of the Spirits

Art Dimensions: 27 1/2" X H 27 1/2" including 1” white border

Medium: high quality print, archival ink and paper

Date: 2009

Condition: excellent

Description: Archival Ink & Archival Paper giclees signed by Ándres Barragán

Africa, Beyond the Ancestral photography series by Andrés Barragán.

Entering into the world of African art is not a simple journey. Andrés Barragán, an outstanding name in Argentine art, a keen observer of the subtle energies in motion, through the medium of photography has captured the inner turbulences embodied in masks and statues in their route towards the "terra incongnita" of the magic world of the spirits. Each piece selected belongs to an anonymous author who gave form though his skills, to ancient beliefs, well guarded in their powerful secret societies. As in all human experience, the pieces contain negative or positive energies according to the particular use and intention in which they were carved for communal use or defensive practice.