As we continue to navigate these uncertain times, we are reminded of the healing power of art and culture. The act of creating and viewing art, albeit virtually, enhances our sense of identity, offers new ways of learning, and relieves stress and tension. Artists are integral to this process. Their works, all around us, heal and inspire us to channel the potential of imagination. 

Miguel Angel Batalla, a follower of the Tao philosophy.  “The Taoist Universe of Miguel Angel Batalla Exhibition”, inspired one of the most important messages of the Tao philosophy. We must learn to nurture and love our own ‘spirit’ above all else. If we can do this and find and treasure our own personal truth there can be no fear, disappointment or lack of love. Love is the great vehicle that transfers its energetic effects to the spirit, but it is not always love of reconciliation, there are in Miguel Angel's paintings passion, dissonance, misunderstandings that are later resolved in the flight of the dove of peace, in which the human being acts fully within this scheme seeking the final harmony.

Mercedes Lasarte inspired us with her creativity.  “Side by Side Exhibition” shows how colors transmit a state of wellbeing and happiness; and how themes transmit a state of beauty and enchantment.  The green and the blues mix with the reds and yellows in a harmonic symphony of color, creating a hypnotic image, a unique experience, an unexplainable wish. 

Guillermina Grinbaum, a very successful emerging artist. “Life Portraits by Guillermina Grenbaum Exhibition” A compendium of previous exhibition series of "life portraits" of women; all different and all the same, a contemporary working-class woman with a very modern view. Their eyes are inviting not always refreshing, they look modern and casual, implying that her life has been hard. Plainly clothed with simply styled hair, obviously a commoner, suggesting that although they may not be conventionally beautiful or important, they still have their dignity. There are infinite stories on each of these women, and each of their stories unfolds in the mind and soul of the viewer.  Her portraits reveal something about the essence of each one. It may not be completely obvious - sometimes it can be cleverly implied through a certain expression or pose. 

Every day is a new beginning, a new opportunity to learn from the past and enrich our lives for the future.  As we move our lives to new beginnings, attempting to put back the losses and fears the pandemic brought upon us, we want you to join us to celebrate together the message of love transmitted by Miguel Angel Batalla, the message of happiness and enchantment by Mercedes Lasarte, and the message of woman truth in today’s world by Guillermina Grinbaum.