Fine Art Exhibitions

Art Exhibitions are the window to the soul of the artist and his creation. Is to create the experience of the people who will view the exhibition. This doesn’t mean telling them what to think, is to create ways to provide context and point of view that invite the viewer to experience his or her own thoughts and feelings.

The Emanuel Collection has more than a 10 years history of organizing fine art exhibitions of the highest quality, hosted by major museums and galleries throughout Europe and South America. These exhibitions, drawn from sources throughout the world, cover a wide range of artistic topics and vary in scope from large, all-inclusive showings with popular appeal to small, intensive explorations of subjects. We are in regular contact with both private and institutional lenders, and our exhibitions, organized by leading art historians, bring together important works of art from public and private collections worldwide.

The Emanuel Collection handles many aspects of exhibitions including organization, catalogues preparation, arrangements for insurance, packing, transportation, and administration. Upon request we can manage the museum shop and merchandising. We manage exhibitions of works in all media – paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, decorative arts, and sculpture – including works of the Old Masters through to modern and contemporary artists. Our staff works closely with museums to develop exhibition programs specifically tailored to their needs.

In all its endeavors, The Emanuel Collection shares with museums throughout the world a commitment to enhance the appreciation of art.