Eduardo Mac Entyre

Eduardo Mac Entyre (20 February 1929 – 5 May 2014) was an Argentine artist known for his geometric paintings

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a Scottish father and Belgian mother, Mac Entyre began pursuing his talent for sketches at the age of twenty. Trained in technical drawing, Eduardo Mac Entyre began to explore different variations and arrangements of the curved line in his paintings during the 1950s. In 1959, Mac Entyre co-founded the group Arte Generativo {"Generative Art") with the artist Miguel Angel Vidal, aspiring to produce art that was both spiritual and abstract. He later worked in different styles but remains best known for his contributions to Geometric Abstraction in Latin America.

Calling the attention of local arts patron Ignacio Pirovano and Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art Director Rafael Squirru following a 1959 show at the renowned Peuser Art Gallery, Mac Entyre's work soon earned him a following among several of the city's other accomplished abstract artists, resulting in a genre they themselves described as Generative art, a movement later expanded on by world-renowned computer artists like BenoîtMandelbrot.

Sketched until relatively recently by hand following a series of random algorithms, Mac Entyre's work is reminiscent of Leonardo Fibonacci's 13th-century nautilus designs – though Mac Entyre's are more complex owing to their randomness, as each work forms a helix alike in no two sketches.

Mac Entyre based his practice around the circumference, or enclosing boundary, of a circle, which he considered the purest expression of movement. A perfect geometric shape, the circle conveys balance and unity, bringing into harmony the transcendental experience of the universe (circles are found everywhere in nature) and the intellectual precision of geometry. Mac Entyre's Generative paintings begin with the point and the line, which through a series of interventions become circles that pulse with vitality. 

Painted by Argentine artist Eduardo Mac Entyre in 1966, Seis formas en Dos Circunferencias (Six Forms in Two Circumferences) draws upon basic geometric forms to create an image that vibrates with movement, color, and light. The painting is a great example of Generative Art, a trend that emerged within the tradition of Geometric Abstraction in Latin America during the 1960s.  

Mac Entyre created a body of more traditional Abstract, Cubist and Figurative art. He was honored by the Organization of American States in 1986 for his contribution to Modern Art in Latin America.